Listen to the Mustn'ts, child, listen to the Don'ts.
Listen to the Shouldn'ts, the Impossibles, the Won'ts.

Listen to the Never Haves, then listen close to me.
Anything can happen, child, Anything can be.

-Shel Silverstein

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rejection Contest…Let it Begin!

On Wednesday I submitted my first 8 agent queries. And then I threw up a little. And then I created a Pintrest account. Although I can sort of write a book and kind of figure out how to embark on the road to publication—I am NOT smart enough to figure out Pintrest. Would anyone care to elaborate and explain it to me?

I digress. I want to celebrate the next step I have taken. When trying to get published, you hear horror stories of the number of rejections you no doubt will receive before anyone takes your book seriously. How long did Stephanie Meyer’s TWILIGHT sit on someone’s desk? Or Stephen King?

It is depressing.

On the flip side, you hear about those lucky suckers that get picked up overnight. I have a feeling I will be in the category of those that sit on people’s desks and still never get published. I don’t have any delusions that my book is so wonderful that people are going to be pounding down my door for it. But, I am excited to take the journey and see if I can make it to the other side one day. That’s all I’m after.

So, I have decided to celebrate my rejections with book give-a-ways. Who’s with me? Leave a comment and place your bets:

1) How many of the 8 queries I sent out will reject me?

2) How many requests for full manuscripts will I get from the 8 I sent?

*hint—8 and 0*

The closest to the number on both questions without going over will win a signed copy of THE SAVAGE GRACE by Bree Despain. Spread the word to all your friends and relatives who love books as much as you do!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Camille!

    I am thrilled for you! Let me say this: so what if nobody requests a full manuscript from this first submission? I am inspired by you because you've chosen to put yourself out there, to achieve your dream. I don't know many people who have had the courage to do that.

    With that said, I think you'll receive AT LEAST two, (2), deux, requests. :)

    Now give yourself some credit, woman!

    P.S. Pinterest is quite simple. You can watch this guy's boring tutorial (it's only three minutes- you can do it!) to see it in action: http://bit.ly/GSqivA.